Overview of Assets

Bumi Subsea, through our Principal, has a fleet of versatile Multipurpose Support Vessels with DP2 or DP3 dynamic positioning capabilities. With diesel-electric propulsion, these vessels are highly fuel-efficient and allows our clients to enjoy cost savings in terms of fuel consumption . Well-equipped with active heave compensation (AHC) subsea cranes and large deck area, these vessels also feature significant accommodation capabilities needed to give our clients the flexibility in each of their different oil and gas projects. Additionally, Bumi Subsea has also a variety of ROVs suitable for use in various offshore subsea operations including pipe lay support, touchdown monitoring, structural & pipeline inspection, repair & maintenance, debris removal, video survey & monitoring. We own and operate a total of 6 units of ROVs, which includes Observation Class ROVs- Seaeye Tiger, an Inspection Class ROV – Seaeye Panther and Work Class ROVs- C-ROVs. Through our Principal, we have ROVs capable of deepwater installation projects with up to 150HP. Our experienced team is fully capable of operating each of our 6 ROVs for various scopes of work. With careful routine checks, all our equipment are maintained and operationally ready. Situated in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, our own repair and maintenance yard in Gelang Patah serves as a good location for mobilisation and our technical team ensures that all ROV units are regularly maintained and well-equipped with spares and toolings.

Work Class C-ROV

Work class C-ROV is as a multi-purpose ROV that serves as a competitive solution for many subsea support operations. C-ROV was designed for subsea support, IRM operations and remote intervention tasks which include positioning of subsea structure, pipelines/umbilical connections, pipeline repairs, component change-out and debris removal.

Seaeye Panther XT-Plus

The versatile Panther-XT combines the capability of precision manipulative tasks, operating in high currents, whilst maintaining a very compact package and footprint. Panther-XT Plus is highly suited for work tasks including drill support, pipeline survey, salvage, cleaning, dredging and IRM to depths of 1,000 meters. It is equipped with Schilling.

Seaeye Tiger

Widely regarded as the typical observation and inspection ROV in the offshore oil and gas industry, its performance in strong currents, excellent handling and maneuverability are unsurpassed.  Its open frame construction and generous payload offers the possibility of adding a wide range of tools and sensors.

Air Diving System (ADS)

Designed and built with compliance to International Maritime Contractors Association Standard (IMCA D023) for offshore diving operations. The Air Diving System includes dive control, twin lock deck decompression chamber, high-pressure and low-pressure compressors, launch and recovery system, and diver’s stage. Optional construction support equipment is available including bolt tensioning equipment, water jets, Broco underwater cutting equipment, grit entrenched systems, large flow capacity pumps and hydraulic tooling (Subject to Client or scope of work requirement).

Multipurpose Support Vessels

DP3 Evolution 800 series

(Indonesian Flagged Surf Allamanda & Evolution 807)

The Evolution 800 series is a DP-3 diesel-electric vessel with a 150T AHC main crane and 40T AHC auxiliary crane. Her deck area of 940m2 and an accommodation space for up to 105 persons can cater especially to the demands of saturation and air diving assisted operations offshore, as well as, deep water installation and lifting operations up to 3,000m. She has onboard a mezzanine deck area suitable for such ROV operations.

DP 2 Enterprise* & Supporter

(*Malaysian reflagged Enterprise, reflagging is in progress)

Enterprise and Supporter are DP-2 diesel-electric sisterships with an option of 8 point mooring and well equipped with a 40T / 50T AHC main crane. They have a deck area of 720m2 and an accommodation space for up to 103 persons to carry out air diving assisted operations offshore, ROV support functions, as well as, deepwater installation and lifting operations up to 1,500m.

DP 2 Helene

Helene is a DP-2 diesel-electric vessel with a 17T AHC subsea crane and a deck area of 690m2. Capable of light subsea works and lifting operations up to 1,900m, she can assist in various ROV, survey and inspection operations. Coupled with basic storage tanks for dry bulk and liquid mud, she serves as an efficient and versatile vessel in the region.